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Tips for Remote Learning

As many Maryland educators are moving into remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Loyola University Maryland's Educational Technology program has developed five tips to support remote learning.

Be Flexible with Expectations

    • Remember that neither you nor your students will be as productive as usual. Set achievable short-term goals and objectives.
Set a Consistent Routine
    • Consider implementing a weekly routine for learning activities so that students and parents will always know what to expect.

Consistently Organize Learning Materials

    • Always provide announcements, content, learning activities, and assessments in the same location.

Communicate Regularly

    • Let families know how they can contact you. Set expectations for when and how you will communicate and provide feedback. 

Model Digital Citizenship

    • Provide technology and netiquette guidelines. Include resources for your students and parent, and model appropriate behaviors.

Source: Loyola University Maryland's Educational Technology program 

Digital Copy: Get a copy of Loyola'University Maryland's "Tips for Remote Learning" Flyer

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