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Innovate & Inspire

MSET and Teq are proud to present Innovate & Inspire, a Spring 2023 webinar series focused on meeting the needs of Maryland educators. Live sessions are free to all those individuals who register on the MSET Events page while paid members will have access to all recorded sessions.

Session 1:

January 18, 8-9 pm EST, 7-8 Central

Presenter: Jaime Donally

Session DescriptionSession Description: Augmented reality (AR) can be a highly effective resource, especially with a strategic plan. We will review the basics of AR, while exploring simple, yet spectacular tools. Get inspired to use augmented reality to transform lessons into interactive learning playgrounds. This session will interest teachers, librarians, edtech coaches, and district leaders. Immersive technology is available for all grade levels and subjects.

Session 2: AI for Edu

February 8, 8-9 pm EST

Presenter: Jennifer Weaver, Baltimore County Public Schools

Session Description: Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, from virtual assistants to purchase and entertainment recommendations. We must teach A.I. literacy to even our youngest students so that they are equipped to navigate an increasingly intelligent digital world. This workshop will help teachers better understand the A.I. landscape and how to begin including A.I. instruction in their lessons. Participants will explore the Five Big Ideas of Artificial Intelligence created by the AI4K12 initiative by interacting with simple online tools. The presenter will provide sample instructional activities based on the Five Big Ideas framework that will inspire teachers to incorporate basic A.I. instruction into whatever subjects they teach.

Session 3: Using 21st Century Skills to Engage Readers and Monitor Comprehension

February 22, 8-9 pm EST

Presenter: Jessica Lemmo, Baltimore City Public Schools

Session Description: One of the most dreaded words in school for students is book reports. So, how can we as teachers continue to monitor our students’ understanding of reading material without killing the love of reading? Enter technology. Technology can help build excitement, creativity & ownership while still displaying students' understanding of reading. We can use rigorous standards and write creatively using technology. This presentation offers background information and resources for educators to use within their classes and lessons to help students be more engaged in their reading response activities without killing the love of reading. These resources can help promote, grow and maintain a love of reading.

Session 4: Accessibility: Why It's Important! 

March 8, 8-9 pm EST

Presenter: Stephanie Adams, Dorchester County Public Schools

Session DescriptionAlways making sure that things in our classrooms are accessible to all learners is the right thing to do, but do we always do it? Let’s dive into some examples of why accessibility is important. While we are being mindful of our learners that need some assistance, we may just help all learners be successful.

Session 5:  Accessible Educational Material (AEM): Designing for All 

March 22, 8-9 pm EST

PresentersAmy Boehman-Pollitt & Heather McCarthy Rose, Frederick County Public Schools

Session Description Learn tips for making table formatting, font, color, pictures/images/screenshots, and video more accessible for all learners.

Session 6:  ChatGPT & AI in Education

April 4, 8-9 pm EST

Presenters: Caleb Wilson, Worcester County Public Schools

Session Description This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications in education, with a focus on the language model ChatGPT. Attendees will learn about how AI works, its benefits and limitations, and ethical considerations surrounding its use. This webinar covers potential applications of ChatGPT in education, such as personalized learning and language generation, and provides best practices for using AI in the classroom to ensure equity and responsibility. The webinar includes hands-on opportunities for attendees to explore ChatGPT and deepen their understanding of AI and its applications in education.

Session 7:  Unlocking Professional Potential with ChatGPT: Transforming Workflows, Communication, and Creativity

April 19, 8-9 pm EST
Presenters: Aaron  Maurer
Session Description Discover the power of ChatGPT and how it can revolutionize your professional life in this interactive and engaging webinar. Learn practical ways to use this cutting-edge AI technology to streamline daily tasks, generate innovative classroom content, and improve professional communication through emails, presentations, and collaborative documents. Join us as we delve into real-world examples and hands-on exercises to help you harness the potential of ChatGPT in your work routine. In this webinar, you will:

  • Explore a range of applications for ChatGPT in professional contexts
  • Participate in guided exercises to practice crafting effective prompts for daily tasks, classroom content, and professional communication
  • Collaborate in small groups to create and share ChatGPT prompts, gaining insights from your peers
  • Learn tips and strategies for creating powerful prompts that yield the desired results
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of incorporating ChatGPT into your daily work activities

Session 8: Grants - Find Funding to Support Your Innovative Projects

May 3, 8-9 pm EST
Presenters: Melissa Griggs, Senior Grant Consultant with Learn Design Apply Inc.,
Session Description 
With unprecedented opportunities for grant dollars, organizations can be overwhelmed at the who, what, when, where, and why of securing external funding to support their programs and projects. Join us for a transparent and informative chat around identifying and securing funding in the age of billions! We will discuss general funding best practices, key grant writing principals, and share some personal tips, tricks, and favorite resources to make a winning grant proposal.

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