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Teaching Made Fun Again Learning Series

MSET and Teq are proud to present Teaching Made Fun Again LEARNING SERIES, a Fall 2022 webinar series focused on meeting the needs of Maryland educators. Live sessions are free to all those individuals who register on the MSET Events page while paid members will have access to all recorded sessions.

Session 1: How Reading Comprehension Strategies Align with Computational Thinking 

September 7, 8-9 pm EST

Good readers use strategies when they read (monitoring comprehension, making connections, questioning, inferring, visualizing, determining importance, and synthesis). Not all students adopt such strategies naturally, so good reading instruction explicitly names, models, and teaches these strategies. Computational thinking (CT) learning is analogous. When students learn CT skills, they are developing strategies and language to explain their inner conversations while coding. As with reading, high-quality CT instruction explicitly names, models, and teaches these skills. Teachers can leverage the parallels between CT and reading comprehension strategies to infuse CT into their English language arts (ELA) instruction and vice versa.  

Session 2: Everyone Can Code Early Leaners 

September 21, 8-9 pm EST

Not a coder? Not a problem. Learn the steps in building a foundation of coding with your earliest learners through Everyone Can Code Early Learners.

Session 3: Are you [Cyber] Smarter than a 5th Grader? 

October 5, 8-9 pm EST

This presentation will explore the foundational principles of cybersecurity - from what our elementary students start to learn to how cyberwarfare is conducted on a minute-to-minute basis. General principles, Dos and Don'ts, as well as Actionable tasks will be shared so that all participants will know how they're everyday routines may be putting them at risk, and how to a little "CyberSmarter" after this session.

Session 4: Building a Positive Digital Learning Culture: Privacy, Security and Digital Citizenship 

October 19, 8-9 pm EST

Are your students using digital learning tools? Are they connecting to various apps and games? How can we ensure that they're being safe with their private information and know what they can share online? Join Common Sense's one hour interactive workshop where we'll explore free lesson plans, interactives and family engagement resources that address why students' online privacy is important and best practices for managing the risks when using technology. We'll also discuss how digital citizenship builds an overall positive digital learning environment school-wide and how you can recognize your colleagues and students through our free Recognition program.

Session 5: TBA 

November 2, 8-9 pm EST

Session description TBA

Session 6: TBA 

November 16, 8-9 pm EST

Session description TBA

Session 7: Gamify Learning with Minecraft for Education 

November 30, 8-9 pm EST

Learn gamification teaching practices and skills. Find ways to support your teaching practices using Minecraft Education in the Classroom.

Session 8: Making Learning a Game Worth Playing: Gamification and Game-Based Learning that Works

December 14, 8-9 pm EST

Digital games are highly interactive forms of media that many players find engaging, captivating, and immersive Today's gaming industry is a thriving, robust landscape that has benefitted from disruptive innovation and exponential growth. By 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic and global quarantine, there were an estimated 3.1 billion global video game consumers or about 40% of the world's population. Nowadays, more people across different demographics, cultures, and life experiences are adopting gaming as a hobby or pastime. So how can educators, higher-ed faculty, and learning designers harness the power of gaming for learning? This hands-on, brains-on professional development session will explore game-based learning (GBL) and the gamification of learning. Session participants will explore the differences between each learning approach and translate how GBL and gamification can be incorporated into ALL modern-day learning environments. 

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