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The best way to ensure that policymakers recognize the importance of EdTech is to continue advocating for it through simple yet highly effective actions like calling, tweeting, or sending pre-written letters about the need to invest at the federal and state levels.

Although it may be a slow process, it’s critical to the future of EdTech funding. Our collective voices really can impact policy and funding. MSET strongly encourages our community to take action and participate in our advocacy campaigns!

Maryland General Assembly Updates

The Education Advocate via MABE (January 28, 2020): This issue consists of information including Legislative Committee Update,, Built to Learn Act Update, Budget Briefing Highlights, Passing Kirwan in 2020 -- MABE Resources, and Bill Report.

MABE 2020 Legislative Priorities (January 2020): Learn about the Maryland Legislative Priorities & Forecast.

2020 MAG Session Brings New Procedures for Delivering Testimony (January 15, 2020): This practice will change the manner in which educators address the MGA.

Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education: Interim 2019 Report

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