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The Maryland Society for Educational Technology (MSET) is comprised of individuals who volunteer to support educational technology in the classroom. Individuals are elected by their peers within the organization. 

President Message

Katie Lingg

MSET President
August 2019     

Welcome to MSET! 

MSET is proud to provide leadership and advocacy to support ideas and initiatives in advancing innovation in education. Working with educators from around the state and Tri-State area, MSET advances excellence in learning, teaching, and leading through innovative and effective uses of technology.  We welcome you to take advantage of your membership to MSET by accessing the following information:

    • Wide variety of professional development resources
    • Online networking opportunities with educators from around the state, nation and world 
    • Featured blogs which highlights real MD educators passions for #edtech  
    • Digital Learning Showcases which shares innovative #edtech ideas that are used in classrooms all over the state 
    • PD opportunities offered around the state of Maryland
    • Grant, Scholarship and Award Opportunities
    • Advocacy through ISTE
    • ISTE Standards and Resources
    • #edtech updates and news alerts

Of course, we would love for you to be an active member within MSET! If you are interested in being apart of MSET committees please email 



Executive Board


All Maryland counties and private school organizations will collaborate during bi-annual Liaison Meetings facilitated by Val Emrich, MSDE. MSET is structured though committees.  If you have a specific question, contact information for contact people is below. 

Contact Information:
Conference/Common Ground 
Katie Lingg (Co-Chair)

Tracy Schoene (Co-Chair)

Grants and Scholarships
Chris Cuppett
Wicomico County Public Schools 

Educator & Leader Awards
Chris Cuppett
Wicomico County Public Schools

Membership & Communication
Tony Bollino (Co-Chair)

Laura Smith (Co-Chair)

Renee Henderson

Prince George's County Public Schools


Val Emrich

Student Contests
Benjamin Hurley
Washington County Public Schools 

ISTE Liaison
Tracy Schoene

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