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The Maryland Society for Educational Technology (MSET) welcomes member and guest blog submissions from teachers, school leaders, and district level leaders highlighting innovative practices by educators across the state. MSET's Blog particularly look for pieces that inspire innovative teaching, leading, and learning. Blog posts are accepted on a rolling basis. Individuals wishing to write for MSET's Blog must adhere to the following editorial guidelines:

  • Focus on innovative practices in teaching or leadership with technology. Individuals around the state may not be aware of the amazing opportunities you are providing to students. Even the smallest moments can be the best blog posts to inspire a fellow educator.
  • Write in a relaxed, personal voice. Be professional but don’t feel compelled to write your MSET post like a grad school paper or journal article. Humor is good. Graphics, photos, video and other multimedia might be appropriate. We will select some if you don’t provide. Embed links as needed.
  • We love writers who tell stories from your own experience as an educator (or learner or parent, etc.) and relate those stories in ways that will be useful to educators and others. If you’re writing about your teaching or leadership practices, remember that your audience is less interested in your professional life than they are in what they can learn from your professional experience
  • Don’t obsess about length — we suggest 300-1000 words for blog posts, but if we feel you’ve written too much or too little, we’ll suggest ways to expand or contract.​​
  • Bio — at the conclusion of your blog post insert and italicized paragraph giving your name, position, school/district, and how readers can connect with you (i.e., email or Twitter).

How to Submit Your Blog Post

Submit your blog post via the Google Form (revised January 2021).

About Artwork and Photographs

MSET is not accepting  photographs and artwork related to your manuscript during your initial submission. If your manuscript is selected for publication, MSET may reach out to you asking for photos to support your writing. 

If you are asked to submit photo(s) are for publication, you are granting MSET permission to use the photographs in your blog post and warranting that all persons in each photograph have given their permission for the photograph to be published. MSET reserves the right to not use all submitted photos.

When Your Blog Post Comes Out

As soon as the post is published—we will send you a link and suggested social media posts to share with the world.

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