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MSET names Finalist for Outstanding Educator Award

04/04/2024 8:57 PM | MSET Webmaster (Administrator)

The Maryland Society for Educational Technology (MSET) is proud to announce the finalists for its annual Outstanding Educator Award. This award recognizes one educator for his or her use of educational technology in the teaching and learning process in Maryland schools. The award supports MSET’s Mission for advancing excellence in learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology.  

“MSET is proud to have seven amazing educators who exemplify teaching and learning with technology as our finalists this year,” MSET Awards Chair Chris Cuppett indicated. “Each of these educators have amazing stories about how they are supporting students and challenging the status quo. Maryland is fortunate to have these educators working with students.”

Here are the four finalists:

SHAVAUN HAWKINS, eCoach at Windsor Farms Elementary School, Anne Arundel County Public Schools — Shavaun epitomizes the integration of technology in education to enhance learning experiences. She actively explores and incorporates various digital tools and educational resources in her classroom, serving as an eCoach in her district to support teachers with digital integration. Her commitment to professional development is evidenced by her membership in technology professional learning communities and pursuit of certifications. Hawkins leverages technology not only to impact student learning positively but also to facilitate communication within her professional network. Praised by administrators, parents, and colleagues alike, she is recognized for her innovative use of technology to make learning engaging and accessible for students. Her efforts extend beyond the classroom, contributing to school improvement plans and providing invaluable resources for colleagues adapting to virtual learning environments.

PAM LAUER, Science Teacher at Snow Hill High School, Worcester County Public Schools — Pam is continuously looking for opportunities to elevate her students ability to make meaning in her science classes through creating. Her pioneering use of Apple iPads in the classroom has revolutionized how students learn, offering them a dynamic platform for creative expression and exploration. Lauer's teaching transcends traditional educational boundaries, transforming her classroom into a hub of creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. Beyond her instructional role, she serves as a mentor and advocate for technological integration, providing valuable professional development to her peers. Her optimistic and passionate approach not only enhances academic achievements but also empowers students with essential 21st-century skills.

STACEY PHILLIPS, Library Media and Technology Specialist at Fort Smallwood Elementary School, Anne Arundel County Public Schools — With Stacey’s focus on preparing students for lifelong learning in the 21st century and fostering responsible, ethical citizenship, she excels in integrating technology into education. As the manager of the school's website and media platforms, she engage families with informative videos and events, earning high praise from parents for bridging the connection between home and school learning. Plus, her efforts extend to developing district-wide curricular resources, tailored to meet evolving educational standards and incorporating innovative teaching methods. Additionally, her volunteer work at the Riviera Beach public library showcases a commitment to community education, enhancing digital literacy for career and educational advancement. Through collaboration with educators, the Phillips promotes engaging, technology-enhanced learning experiences that encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving among students.

MARCUS ZUMWALT, Library Media Specialist at three different schools in Anne Arundel County Public Schools — Marcus’ innovative approach encompasses introducing young learners to technology through coding and robotics at an elementary school, enhancing middle school experiences with audio-visual projects and Science STEAM programs, and engaging alternative school students in creating digital content and 3D printing projects. Marcus's dedication extends beyond student interaction, emphasizing digital citizenship and leveraging technology to accommodate diverse learning needs. His leadership in professional development, commitment to digital learning standards, and efforts in securing technology resources demonstrate a profound impact on creating future-ready students. Through his work, Zumwalt exemplifies how technology, thoughtfully applied, transcends traditional learning paradigms, fostering an inclusive, dynamic, and engaging educational atmosphere.


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